New WLFCU Visa Debit Card Features

Verified by Visa Upgrade

Verified by Visa is service that offers extra protection when shopping online with your WLFCU Visa debit card.  In the past, cardholders had to enroll in Verified by Visa, and would then be prompted to enter a password when making a purchase with a participating merchant.

Now, WLFCU debit cardholders are automatically enrolled in enhanced Verified by Visa, known as Visa 3D Secure.  Online transactions will be evaluated for fraud based on Visa parameters.  This will help protect cardholders from unauthorized transactions and illegitimate merchants.  If your transaction is recognized by Visa as potentially fraudulent, you will see this screen at the online checkout:

  • If an authorized transaction is declined, contact WLFCU Member Services at 860-292-2940 to allow the purchase to be made.






Visa Automatic Updater

This is a service that allows Visa to send card expiration updates to participating recurring charge merchants.  Examples of recurring debit card charges include gyms memberships, magazine subscriptions, etc.  Merchants that participate with Visa Automatic Updater will automatically update your account with your new debit card expiration date prior to expiration.   This service will help to avoid problems or service interruptions due to expired cards with participating recurring charge merchants.

If you wish to opt-out of Visa Automatic Updater, please call WLFCU Member Services at 860-292-2940, or email us at

Visa Purchase Alerts

Purchase alerts help keep you aware of where your money is going.  Sign up to receive an email every time a purchase is made based on these parameters:

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