Convenient access to your WLFCU checking and primary share savings accounts at an ATM, your favorite store or online.

  • Your WLFCU debit card will allow you to withdraw money, make transfers, and review your balances at any ATM that displays the Cirrus, Plus, Accel, CO-OP or Visa logo.
  • In addition to using your card at ATMs for transactions, it is accepted at millions of merchants worldwide for purchases. Transactions are deducted from your checking account, just like writing a check.
  • Some merchants allow additional cash back when a transaction is processed as a "debit” or point of sale.
  • Chip card technology embedded into your card adds a new layer of protection against fraud.


When it’s not convenient to use the WLFCU ATM, you can save $ on surcharges by using an ATM within the CO-OP network. With nearly 30,000 CO-OP ATM locations, you can have access to your funds surcharge fee free.

Verified by Visa – for online debit card protection

Use an extra layer of protection when you use your WLFCU Visa Debit Card to make online purchases. Enroll your debit card on the Verified by Visa website and enjoy added security and peace of mind when shopping online.


Don’t have a WLFCU VISA Debit Card? Click here for an application and start enjoying the convenient access to your WLFCU accounts.